Warning for Parenting : Don’t You Ever Leave Your Child in Cars!!

baby in cars_

When I heard the news about child dies in cars because their parents leave the child all alone in the car, I was sad and angry at the same time to those reckless parents who leave their child alone in their car. I could not imagine how the feeling of the parent when their find their child died because of their own fault.

Mostly this kind of accident happen in the summer when parents leave their child in the cars when the weather is hot and because of that the cars become more hotter than usual. In the summer , around  10 minutes the temperatur inside  a car could reach until 80 degree. Can you imagine if you leave your child inside a car with that kind of hot temperatur. The organs of your child will shutdwon and damaged.  Then When temperatur body of your child reach 104 degrees a heatstroke will usually happens.

By the time we ask the parents, why they leave their children while in the car? Average response from them is because they do not think bad things will happen to their children if they only leave a their child for a minute. This kind of things happens when they have unexpected needs such as buying something in supermarkets or forget to bring something from their house.  At the  time when it happen we usually as parents forgetting  the most important things that is our child.

So far this year, 16 children nationwide have died inside hot cars. Last year, 32 died. Since 1998, 559.

According to a study done by Jan Nulle about heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles, 52 percent, or 288 kids, died in a hot car because the parent or caregiver forgot the child was in the car. Twenty-nine percent (163) died while playing in an unattended vehicle and 18 percent (100) were intentionally left in the vehicle.

More than half the kids that died were under the age of 2, an age when they are completely dependent on their parents to put them in and take them out of the vehicle. Completely dependent on a parent to protect them and prevent their deaths.


Thing we can do now to prevent anything like this happening again is to do preventive action in any way. We  should never leave our kids in the car anymore even if it’s only for a minute in the winter or summer season. Because anything can happen, so we are better prepared to minimize that the incident did not happen again.


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