What Should be Taught to Every Baby

Baby Swimming Survival Video


First off all I don’t own this video. I just want to share this amazing video about how a baby could survive after jump into swimming pool. I apologize if some of you already seen it, but I just saw it yesterday on YouTube and want share to you all in case some of you still not seen it. 

This is why I’m afraid to have swimming pool in my house, I’m afraid my baby girl will drawn. But Wow! I after I see this video, I just amazed how toddlers could be train to swimming when they jump into swimming pool and then after that ask for help with crying. What I know that toddler could swim but when their parents were around I guard if something wrong happen.

Share your thought above this video, what do you think about this video?


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Hi...my name is Nicole...I'm just ordinary young mom who loves blogging about anything especially about family and kids.

4 Responses to What Should be Taught to Every Baby

  1. Chagall says:

    Amazing video! Thank you for sharing. —–Chagall

  2. grannyK says:

    that is very cool! But it really freaked me and my daughter out, watching this tiny person in the water with a sleeper on like that!

    • Nicole says:

      Yes…it is also freaked me too…looking a baby jump into swimming pool and see him crying…but its relief that the baby can float and his father helping him in the pool….For you who have swimming pool in their backyard I suggest they train their baby to do this too…hope every parents aware of this massage and no more incident baby drawn into swimming pool.

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