5 Tips for Successful Parenting

Tips for Successful Parenting tips succesful parenting

by Chris Thompson

Being a parent is one of the most challenging tasks of your life and successful parenting involves a fundamental desire to learn and improve your parenting skills. This is especially true when it comes to child discipline. While children are adorable to play with, teaching them right from wrong, and good from bad, can be tough.

Parents often struggle the most with children who are around two or three years old. This stage of the terrible twos or threes is right between learning to walk and talk (the basics), and learning to use logic (more complex). The child also wants to be more independent.

As parents, we usually end up in a power struggle because we are worried the child will get hurt, or break something, or make a mess, etc. Successful parenting involves knowing when to get into a power struggle, and when to walk away from one because it just isn’t worth the fight. Read more of this post


How to Get Your Kids to Stop Swearing

Putting a Lid on it: Quick Tips to Get Your Kids to Stop Swearing

How to Get Your Kids to Stop Swearing

Here’s a real situation from a real email subscriber
along with my advice on how to fix the problem

Children are very impressionable. As parents, we must not let this fact fact slip our minds – no matter what the situation at home.

Take for example a little cry for help I got from one of my email subscribers who we’ll call “Jane” to preserve her anonymity. Read more of this post

Parenting Tips : Should Mom Needs Time For Themselves?

mom timeShould mom needs time for themselves? As a mom sometimes I ask myself this question. It is being selfish that mom has to have their own Me Time?. Usually young mother who has the child ages below 3 years old always want to spend all their time with their children and feeling guilty to have their own Me time. Read more of this post

Warning for Parenting : Don’t You Ever Leave Your Child in Cars!!

baby in cars_

When I heard the news about child dies in cars because their parents leave the child all alone in the car, I was sad and angry at the same time to those reckless parents who leave their child alone in their car. I could not imagine how the feeling of the parent when their find their child died because of their own fault. Read more of this post