Talking To Toddler : How Do You Deal with Three Year Olds?

Three Year Old Behavior Solutions for Every Parent

talking to toddler

I’m a big believer in using language as a tool. And since your three year old is now able to express himself much more clearly than a year ago, this is a great time to use language. Many of my best parenting tips are unique because nobody else seems to be teaching this stuff.

 The most important language tool is to do something I call “entering their world”. If your child doesn’t feel like you understand him, or at least that you are trying to understand him, you’ll encounter a big wall of resistance. What happens next? Welcome to tantrum-ville. Read more of this post


When Is the Good Time to Start Teaching Toddlers to Read?

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I think the good time teaching toddlers how to read is different between each toddler. Sometimes toddlers can begin to read in 3 years old but sometime they are also toddler that still cannot read until they reach the age of 5 or 6. But the things in this step the participation of parents here are very influential. whether the parents are taught from early toddler to recognize letters advance through the alphabet books or often read stories to their children. These are the things that affect how early a child can begin to read.Therefore the time is right for your toddler to learn to read sometimes differ from each other.

Learning to read is a long process so we as parents should be patient in doing so. Read more of this post